2024 Creative Aging Symposium: Reflection 1

The 2024 Creative Aging Symposium brought together a diverse array of artists sharing their tiny creative habits. cin salach, of poemgrown, led us through an interactive collaborative and spontaneous poetry writing process. 

We remember the day backwards

"Let our homes be genie bottles of manifestation"

The glory is in your backstory. Full of feels and thanks.

You don't have to remember alone; We can remember together

NOTICE THE MOMENT - it struck a chord

Mark the moment - Honor the moments in ritual

creativity as a first language cause there is

no wrong way, radical resistance, stickers, doodling.


fond memories - that never die, breaking my heart open

to invite gorgeous energy and joy!!, sisterhood, Diversity & Women

Joy and color have no age, glammas are kickass, pink and bright

Flowers donned grandmas hair, flowers of love, hold our pearls and spray can at the same time

Slow down to notice, lines on the page doodling the day


Grooves in the heart lead me to

MY TRIBE ! Creative community and collectiveness, friendship

We are singularly connected in heart and life

Free ourselves from what no longer serves us

We all have purpose, we bloom until we take our last breath so

Shine. Your. Light. 

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