A Dash of Chaos as an Antidote to Apathy

I once attended a training on care partnerships and memory loss where the trainer referred to the image of a skipping record. The idea was - when someone is stuck in a loop, instead of repeating the same patterns over and over, try something new! Yesterday, I remembered this image on a visit to an assisted living community. The life enrichment director commented how residents were really enlivened while we were there. While I like to think it is my dazzling personality and frequent use of jazz hands, I truly believe it was just a touch of chaos. That unexpected moment, a break up in the mundane, that perked everyone up.

If I step back a bit, it makes perfect sense. Our lives have a lot of chaos or unexpected stimuli in them. Just running to the corner store, I am met with sights and smells that awaken my senses. But in a setting that relies on repetition, do those repeated patterns lull the environment and its occupants into apathy?

Today, let's embrace a dash of chaos. What can you do to bring the unexpected to those around you? Secret notes? A surprise bouquet? Some new music or unforeseen treats? Perhaps you can add a piece of fun to your work outfit? I dare say half of my work…ok, my entire work wardrobe leans towards soliciting cheer.  A dash of chaos sets the stage for play, levity, and wonder. Have fun embracing chaos!

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