A Virtual Living Room

By guest blogger, SharonM “Auntie Afrika”

"The one thing that continues to resonate with me from the Creative Aging Symposium 2022 was the sense of collective work & responsibility that was evident throughout the symposium. Watching the choir members of the Community Music Center of SF’s Older Adult Choir was priceless! Their enthusiasm was contagious, as they synchronized their voices and enjoyed every moment in total commitment to the process. It was a perfect example of how it is possible to reach out beyond the screen of any computer device when folks are willing. I was no longer just a spectator. I felt we were all invited to be full participants throughout the symposium (as you could tell by my many chats and reactions!). Someone mentioned it was like being in a living room, and that resonated with me. Yes, we were all engaged in a “Living Room”, with plenty of room for Living! I felt a sense of renewal after each session. I look forward to future activities, exchanges, and special moments like these!" 

Find the Creative Aging Symposium recordings here and sign up here to be alerted of next year’s symposium.

Guest blogger Sharon Lee Minor King, Ph.D, is a recipient of an Artists/Scholars Grant Award for her research on Aging &Creativity, by the Arts & Humanities Council of Montgomery County, Maryland, USA (AHCMC).

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