Creative Longevity: Unveiling the Power of Tiny Daily Habits

While enjoying Yo-Yo Ma’s NPR Tiny Desk Concert, I was struck by something he said: “It’s not painful to learn something if you do it incrementally.” This inspired me to reflect on our 2024 Creative Aging Symposium theme, “Tiny Creative Habits for Longevity.” I have been ruminating on how to inspire people to enhance their lives through the power of the creative process. Honestly, I have been ruminating on that my entire career! Many of these moments of inspiration strike when I am reading, listening, or watching others embrace their own creative process. For example, one thing that stuck out to me when reading “Creative Confidence” by David and Tom Kelly was an outline they laid out for welcoming more creativity into your life. The first two things, intentionality and starting small, inspired the concept of tiny habits for the symposium.

At the 2024 Creative Aging Symposium we'll uncover the profound impact of small changes in our daily lives. We’ll discover how investing in tiny habits can infuse our lives with boundless creativity, seamlessly integrating inspiration into our daily routines. This virtual event will share bite-sized insightful talks and immersive experiences that showcase the magic of ordinary moments ignited by creative sparks. Most important of all, you’ll walk away feeling refreshed, energized, and ready to see the joy in the creative process through the wonder of tiny habits. 

Ethan Hawke has this great TED Talk on giving yourself permission to be creative. He says, “Follow your love, there is no path until you walk it.” Every decision we make is leading us to the lives we are looking for. Sometimes we think we need to make big changes to create a shift, but it’s the small changes that stack overtime that lead us to our evolution. The further you walk, the more the path becomes revealed to you. Each step you take leads to another step as long as you keep moving. Tapping into the power of the creative process by enriching your daily habits can lead to greater self awareness, enhanced joy, deeper connections, and an overall enriched sense of well-being. 

Learn how you can enrich your life and the lives of others through tiny creative habits at the 2024 Creative Aging Symposium on May 9th from 9:00 AM - 11:30 AM PT! See the agenda, learn more about our speakers, and register here!

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