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Last month, Creative Spark presented Creating Joy at Work with the American Society on Aging conference. The room was packed, it was amazing. Every seat taken, floor space occupied, standing room in the back filled, a crowd even formed in the hallway. This was obviously a topic in high demand for attendees. We can't say we're surprised that so many people are seeking joy as an antidote to current levels of stress and burnout!

We all were sharing ideas of practical ways to bolster joy at work and one lively attendee shared this amazing resource - a 30 second dance party button. I had never heard of such a thing and LOVED the idea. I am a big supporter of dancing and having this 30 seconds dance blast would be a perfect addition to almost any situation. When I got back to the office from the trip, I had an email from this attendee asking for my address. A couple of days later, my doorbell rang. You see where this is going but at the time, I did not. The delivery driver said, “Are you joyful?” I was confused but said yes, yes I was. I looked at the box and it was addressed to Joyful Jessica. I laughed. That was a fun exchange with the delivery guy but what was in the box…you guessed it, the 30 second dance party button! Oh my goodness, it is as great as I had imagined. How awesome of that attendee to take that extra step and reach out with joy. It was a reminder to me that the feeling of joy is special but to spread joy, now that’s the real magic. 

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