Navigating with a Joy Compass

“What if instead of seeing aging as something to defeat and conquer, we were to embrace what gets better with age, and work to amplify these joys while mitigating the losses of youth?”

In her article, Ingrid Fetell Lee suggests ways to use joy to navigate the aging journey. She reminds us not to shame or blame the changes that come with aging but embrace them as a part of ourselves. We long for the day when that point doesn't need to be made but in our current societal landscape, we need many reminders that aging is an exciting part of our lives. Ingrid's article focuses on joy as a path to wellness, using evidence-informed strategies that we can all employ to reap the benefits of our aging selves. So check it out and report back your favorite joy-filled idea! Today, we're particularly into the suggestion to buy flowers to improve our memory and mood.

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