Our Impact Radiates

Our Impact Radiates text and a close up image of water dropping into a larger body of water, creating ripples It’s incredibly moving when folks share how they have been inspired by Creative Spark. Our aim is to energize and inspire the way in which we engage with older adults by tapping into the potential of the aging process. Through Creative Spark training, consultation, and support we encourage staff to connect in creative ways with authenticity and joy.

One participant from a Creating Joy at Work session shared that they turned around and did the Wheel of Joy with care partners. This one partnership, in particular, has had trouble connecting. Through the Creative Spark exercise a path was formed. "The exercise sparked something in Mom and she started to sing Amazing Grace, a meaningful song for her. We have the Wheel of Joy now hanging on our wall as a reminder to celebrate.” 

A teaching artist who participated in the Feel this Way program enjoyed the curriculum so much that they are turning it into multiple projects. “Creative Spark inspired me to try new things. The projects brought a breath of fresh air for us all and everyone was lighter.” 

What amazing testament to the power of creativity! We channel that perspective shift in all of our trainings. 

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