Reflections on Blue

From Gayle Wanamaker

Gayle wrote this poetic response to the Creative Aging Symposium 2022, where jazz composer and pianist Tammy Hall performed her piece, Sermon in Blue. We suggest you start by listening to Tammy’s contribution to the symposium and then let Gayle’s reflections sink in. 

Blue is a color to get lost in...
Blue of the Water
Blue of the Calm
Blue of the community that responds to the notes of belonging 
connecting through the music that resounded through
each speaker as they chanted JOY
through words, personal quotes and poems
they all showed up,
demonstrating that they were intentional about their choices as their wisdom & creativity wove together - overlapping the sentiment that we each need to
Create a Legacy of Our Belongings. 
As one speaker said, " Biology flows downhill"
But so does the blue river of our own personal notes.

Thank you for sharing, Gayle! For those interested in more, sign up to be notified of the next Creative Aging Symposium or check out the archived recordings.

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