Setting Resolutions? Let's try wellbeing instead.

Setting resolutions? Not for us. Image of chalkboard with Resolutions written on it.

A new year brings with it pressure to set resolutions, which often lead to disappointment in ourselves. Instead of setting a resolution, let's support our personal growth by asking, "What do I seek more of or less of in order to enrich my health?" Consider health in all realms- emotional, financial, intellectual, spiritual, and physical. 

The impact of intentionally nurturing yourself ripples out to others. When we come from a place of compassion for ourselves, it is reflected in our connections to others. Applying this concept to our work, we understand that we do bring our whole selves to work so fostering a healthy work environment requires both self care and attention to how we care for others.

The workplace is full of potential triggers and stressors. These stressors present themselves differently in different individuals or at different times in life so it is critical to create diverse and multiple strategies for well-being at work.

Three keys to workplace well-being are:

  1. Kind Spaces
    1. Physical: Break rooms are for just that- a break - and should be designed to address the senses and soothe the soul.
    2. Emotional: Nurture pathways of emotional connection amongst staff.
  2. Be Yourself
    1. Validate social identities of staff and create opportunities to share and celebrate people for who they truly are.
    2. Work in opportunities for life story sharing, seeing the identities of your staff as an asset that can dynamically further your mission.
  3. Prioritize Compassion
    1. Honor work/life balance and respect that people bring home with them and bring work back home. Try to support healthy boundaries and be there for people in need.
    2. Imbue duties with meaning wherever and whenever possible. This takes intentionality but all tasks can be honored as supporting the mission.

Knowing that wellbeing begins from within, there are some helpful resources to identify areas in your life that could lead to feelings of burnout and stress. Self assessment tests from MindTools and The Bold Life Design can be an informative place to start. The Greater Good Science Center is a fantastic resource for well-being strategies. We wish you well on your 2023 wellbeing journey!

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