Inviting Your Creative Self to Work

“Creative Spark opened my mind to new ways of doing my job. It tapped into a creative area of my brain that I did not consider using for my work.”
-Alanah, MSW Intern
Alanah's revelation reminds me of a common experience in the workplace. We often try to hold back pieces of ourselves that don't readily fit our work. With good reason! It's vulnerable to bring our whole selves to our work. But the catch is - we bring our whole selves whether we intend to or not. So let's take Alanah's lead and be intentional about it, yeah? We can boost our productivity and happiness by infusing our creative joy in work.
This year, amidst the many things to be done, a to-do list the length of a CVS receipt, pings from email, instant messaging, the phone...let's take time to invite our whole, creative selves to work. Invite the unique learnings you have from your creative efforts to influence your work to-do list. What is it about swimming, gardening, cooking, tai chi, parenting that gives you unique creative strength? How might you apply that to a spreadsheet, a process, a coworker conversation? 
We can't wait to see your whole creative self at work!
Katie Wade, M.Ed

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