Wonder of Walking (WOW)

I started being mindful about walking during the pandemic. When shelter-in-place orders came I took it very seriously and rarely left the house. It wasn’t until, after I was vaccinated, I made a trip home that I unlocked the potential in daily walks. The benefits from a regular walking routine span cardiovascular health to reduced stress. How can we enchant this already powerful wellness ritual? Libby DeLana has made it a movement…literally, with This Morning Walk. A book, an instagram sensation, and a place for walkers to connect.

For me, I learned a lot about the wonder of walking on that trip back home. Three generations walking together, my 75 year old mother, my sister and her son. Walking is one of many incredible activities that can promote intergenerational connection. 

My nephew is great at pointing out things of interest on our journey. Perhaps a deer, a bird, or a tractor. My mom who has lived on this road her whole life creates an amazing juxtaposition to the newness in my nephew’s eyes. Her perspective was one of history and family stories. Also great knowledge of the surrounding plants and crops. There was magic there in this family outing where it was all about the journey and the company. I remember one fall walk as the wind blew golden maple leaves in a swirling dance. My nephew cried out in joy, “wow”. Wow indeed. I brought this enchanted element back with me on my daily walks. I look with new eyes at the world around me and it deepens the already incredible benefits walking provides. 

How do you enchant the Wonder of Walking?  What intergenerational activities do you enjoy?

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