Find free engagement tools to use with older adults or your staff, gather inspiration from our partners' engagement programming, and more.

Postcard from Your Neighborhood At its core, Creative Spark is about connection, to self and others. Enjoy Postcard from Your Neighborhood, a sample activity from our curriculum. Download the worksheet to make your own postcard to share.

Joy Pitcher Check-In Tool To encourage your team to reflect on their work experience, especially during difficult seasons, try this conversation prompt. Then contact us to set up our popular workshop, Creating Joy at Work, for your team.

Friendly Visiting Program Zine Project The creative aging lens can be applied to all programming, to create more intentional opportunities for growth. Social Call, a friendly visiting program, used Creative Spark worksheets and prompts to generate exciting creative pieces from their members, resulting in meaningful conversations and this do-it-yourself magazine, a fun representation of their community.