Train the Trainer: Gallery Takeover Series

Train the Trainer: Gallery Takeover Series

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Series Description

Discover the magic of Creative Spark in our series designed for staff working with older adults or adults with disabilities. This three-part series trains staff to facilitate six art-making projects that are designed for ANYONE to be successful in, with the goal of fostering stronger social connections, self-confidence, and group cohesion. In this train-the-trainer series, you'll explore our creative arts curriculum, gain invaluable implementation insights, and unlock your potential to inspire and enrich the lives of the individuals you serve. You, your coworkers and participants are invited to submit completed projects to the annual Gallery Take Over art exhibit hosted by Ruth’s Table in San Francisco, embracing this year's theme: 'Rediscovery in the Making,' which reimagines the everyday to reveal hidden riches within ourselves and others.

Is this series right for you?

If you're a staff member whose primary role involves engaging older adults or adults with disabilities in programming and activities, this series is tailor-made for you. This three-part workshop series is designed to equip you with the necessary tools and techniques to deliver impactful creative curriculum that enhances participants' quality of life (and yours!). Your expertise and commitment to your participants make you an ideal candidate for this transformative journey.

Virtual (Zoom)

We're going to have fun in this interactive virtual workshop! This won't be your standard Zoom meeting. Cameras on and we'll send you a list of the art supplies you need. 

Supplies Needed

You don't need to spend a lot of money on supplies, use what you have handy or can find at your local craft or dollar store. Needed: watercolor paper, basic watercolor set + brush, gold acrylic paint or paint marker, tissue paper, glue stick, drawing paper (printer paper works fine), drawing utensils (crayons or graphite or oil pastels), white coffee filters, washable markers, a pipe cleaner or short piece of wire, toilet paper rolls, scissors, large leaves.

Facilitators from Creative Spark, a Front Porch Program:

Jessica McCracken, MPA, brings people together through the creative process. Her career began at the Center for Elders and Youth in the Arts, Institute on Aging in 2007. She holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration with an emphasis in Nonprofit Arts Management. With great dedication to collaboration, Jessica co-founded Creative Aging San Francisco, a collective of individuals utilizing the arts to support healthy aging.

Katie Wade, MEd, is passionate about ensuring we all have access to creative means of connecting with ourselves and others as we grow older. After working as a mental health therapist with older adults in an inpatient setting, Katie maintained a private practice while providing social connection programming and other services to older adults and caregivers, and now nurtures and grows innovative creative aging programs.